There are endless uses for our products, but see below for a few examples;

    • Home Garages
    • Workshops
    • Valeting / Detailing Studios
    • Gym Flooring
    • Car Showrooms
    • Shop Floors
    • Outdoor Areas
    • Pub / Bar Runways
    • Event / Hospitality / Marquee Flooring
    • Showcase / Display Areas
    • Swimming Pool Areas
    • Aircraft Hangers
    • Trade Shows

    Yes. Owing to the TUFF-TILE’s simple click & connect system, they are very easily fitted by the end user and ‘DIY’ applicable.

    Yes. You can buy as many of any available colours of TUFF-TILE as is needed to complete your floor in the pattern you prefer.
    TUFF-TILE are available in boxes of 25 units, but you only receive and pay for the amount of tiles you need.

    Yes. Using a flat head screwdriver, one corner of any tile can be raised to allow it or multiple tiles in the same area to be removed easily and safely, and can be easily put back into place again.

    Yes. Any of the above mentioned pieces of equipment can be used on our tiles.
    Each tile has a 20 ton load capacity and the fitted floor has a 75 ton rollover weight capacity.

    No. Owing to the anti-slip mixture that is part of the manufacturing process (and not a sprayed on finish after the product is made), the slip is basically removed.

    Yes. We recommend using a small, multi tooth hand saw (the more teeth per inch the better) or a normal electric jig saw to cut or shape the tiles.
    It would be best to use a straight edge to ensure a clean tidy cut. Please be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when cutting.

    As with any plastic product, prolonged exposure to external elements could potentially cause slight dis-colouration. They are coated in a special UV resistant costing so this only applies in very extreme circumstances.

    TUFF TILE products are resistant to most liquids / oils, but anything acidic such as battery acids could damage tiles.

    Also, naked flames or extremely hot objects such as acetlylene burners or hot welding rods could cause damage if coming in contact with the tiles.

    TUFF TILE is heat resistant tested to 120 degrees centigrade.

    Yes. The TUFF TILE floor can be brushed to remove larger pieces of debris such as leaves, twigs, small stones etc.
    A garden leaf blower can be used for smaller particles, or even your normal house hoover.
    Due to their robustness and underside of tile drainage system, the tiles can be hosed or powerwashed with no risk of damage.

    If you are unfortunate enough to damage and need a replacement tile or tiles, we will immediately send you out the colour and quantity needed at the tile cost and postage / delivery at the time.